Beautiful Dwarf Roses

We’ve just had our first day in Airlie Beach. My girlfriend choked up when she saw a fancy driver holding up our names on a sign. She was headed to the bus terminal, excited as could be, when I tapped her on the shoulder and pointed her in the direction of the private drivers. She […]

Boss Energy Plan

They’ll never take me alive! I’ll make sure of that, by turning myself into a lich that cannot be killed. Technically, I’ll be dead, so even if they manage to capture me, they will never take me alive! It’s genius. That’s why I have gathered all these people here today. They are outside my office, […]

Remington Rat’s Bathroom

Given that Remington Rat is a world-famous chef, I am sure that most of our fans expected him to enter That Renovation Rules with every plan to build a kitchen. Turns out, that isn’t the case at all! For some reason, Remington has elected to build a bathroom instead. Let’s hear from Remington himself, about […]

Passion For Running

I’m about to go on my first run in over six months. I’ve been having issues with my feet, but after working closely with a podiatrist, I’m finally in a position to go running again. I’m going to have to build up my fitness again which is going to be a very long process, but […]

Ute Tray Benefits

I’m moving house soon. I’m moving out with friends which is really exciting, but a bit anxiety-inducing at the same time. I’ve never lived away from my family and I know it’s going to take some adjusting. I’m not worried about living on my own as I’ve been looking after myself for years, but I […]

Children’s Orthotics

I’ve started walking to work, which is awesome! It’s better for my mental health, helps get my endorphins flowing and makes me feel less rushed in the morning. I’m really glad that I tried it out a couple of months ago on a nice weather day because it has seriously changed my life. I now […]

Surprise Flowers

So I know this is bad, but I read my boyfriend’s blog post. It was the one about him worrying about our relationship because I told him we’re having issues. It actually meant a lot to me to read his inner thoughts like that, because he doesn’t show me any of that face to face. […]

My new ute

The other month I bought the most amazing ute. I’m a tradie by day but on my weekends I absolutely love going camping or fishing. The ute I bought has wheels that are huge and perfect for trekking through mud or dirt. The previous utes I’ve owned are spacious enough to allow me to carry […]

Surviving for Laundry

How did I get here, floating in the middle of the ocean, sharks circling around me, with a phone that has only one per cent battery? It’s quite the tale, one which begins in the simple domain of laundry renovations. See, I wanted to get a laundry renovation for the house I had just bought, […]

Racing Repairs

What a finish to the epic, amazing, incredible Tasmanian Racing Tournament that was! I can’t believe it went down to the wire like that, with an incredible result that people will be talking about for hours. Time to turn on the replay, folks, because we couldn’t have asked for a more complete spectacle. I’m Frank […]