Beautiful Dwarf Roses

We’ve just had our first day in Airlie Beach. My girlfriend choked up when she saw a fancy driver holding up our names on a sign. She was headed to the bus terminal, excited as could be, when I tapped her on the shoulder and pointed her in the direction of the private drivers. She was visibly confused until she recognised our names, and I could see the wave of pleasant happiness cross her face. It was the perfect start to our holiday.

Now that I’ve actually arrived in Airlie Beach, I can start sourcing dwarf roses to decorate our hotel room with, in two days time. My girlfriend and I have the perfect relationship, which means we spend a good amount of time together, but also respect each other’s alone time. We both spend a little time alone each day, whether that’s us sitting side by side just doing our own thing, or if we’re off on our own.

Tomorrow I’m going to duck out once we get back to our hotel after stand-up paddleboarding. That’s when I’ll have a look around for the perfect roses to decorate our hotel room with. If I can’t find any nice roses in Airlie Beach, I’m happy to buy flower seeds online and decorate our hotel room with them. I know that won’t have the same effect as a hotel room covered in beautiful roses, but the thought will still be there and that’s what counts in the end. My girlfriend will feel loved and special regardless, which is all that matters to me.

I’ll report back to you guys in two days’ time. I hope to be riding the high of making my girlfriend feel special once again, so prepare yourselves for a very happy and excited blog post! I’m honestly trembling in excitement. Being with my girlfriend is an absolute blessing, and I am going to love every moment I spend with her here.