Ute Tray Benefits

I’m moving house soon. I’m moving out with friends which is really exciting, but a bit anxiety-inducing at the same time. I’ve never lived away from my family and I know it’s going to take some adjusting. I’m not worried about living on my own as I’ve been looking after myself for years, but I am sad at the thought of not seeing my family as much. I’ve lived with them in harmony for over twenty-five years and now I’m leaving them. It’s sad.

I’m moving today. My friend is going to transport my mattress to my new house on one of his ute trays. In the Melbourne CBD, it would be impossible to transport a mattress any other way. I couldn’t take it with me on the train or fit it in my car, and because I’m about to start renting I can’t afford to pay for a moving truck to move my belongings. Pretty much everything except for my mattress fits in my car so paying for a moving truck would just be dumb. 

I’m quite nervous about the move. It’ll be so bizarre sleeping in my new room tomorrow night. I’ve had the same bedroom my entire life. I guess as excited as I am, I just generally don’t like change. It’s a weird concept that once I move out, my life will never be the same and I’ll be an adult.

I guess the idea of moving on from my childhood makes me a bit sad. My tradie friend who has the ute with the tray on it has been living out of home for years and he has no problem with it. He’s even managed to keep saving money and bought himself all these add ons for his ute. His newest addition is a half canopy on the top of his ute. He’s a great guy and so I’m not surprised that he’s managed to achieve so much. I hope I can be as successful as him.