Surprise Flowers

So I know this is bad, but I read my boyfriend’s blog post. It was the one about him worrying about our relationship because I told him we’re having issues. It actually meant a lot to me to read his inner thoughts like that, because he doesn’t show me any of that face to face. I seriously did think up until I read his post that he wasn’t interested in being with me. I thought he was just staying with me because it was easy, but now I know that he does love me. I also feel guilty for reading his private blog now – I was originally going to use it as proof that he didn’t care about me. I’m happy to be wrong. 

It’s so cute that he thought of buying me a rose plant. He didn’t need to doubt whether or not I’d like it. I would love for him to buy me flowers. It would make my day because it’s not something he usually does. I think mentioning to him that I was feeling a bit off about our relationship was one of the best things I could have done.

I knew at the time that it shocked him to his core, which was proven by what he wrote in his blog. I feel bad that it hurt him, but relationships can’t all be sunshine and rainbows, and I think he just thought that it was perfect all the time. It was clearly a rude awakening for him, but just as I said, it was for the better. 

I think to show him how grateful I am for his love, I’m going to give him beautiful Brindabella roses. He won’t be expecting that at all, which will make it even more special. I want him to feel important, just like I want him to make me feel important. It’s safe to say that relationships take work. I’m more than willing to work for ours, and I’m very happy to know that he is too.