Racing Repairs

What a finish to the epic, amazing, incredible Tasmanian Racing Tournament that was! I can’t believe it went down to the wire like that, with an incredible result that people will be talking about for hours. Time to turn on the replay, folks, because we couldn’t have asked for a more complete spectacle. I’m Frank Day, and with me is my good friend, Thomas Sparkle. That was quite the show, wasn’t it, Tom?

Indeed it was, Frank. Indeed it was. I never expected to see someone complete suspension repairs so quickly, and after it was done, I really thought that Terry Williamson would make a comeback. It’s a shame that he couldn’t get over the line, but it made for quite the finish. An absolute thriller.

It was such a shame to see Bob Peters bow out of the race so early, with his truck tumbling off that cliff. Sorry Bob, but I don’t think an auto electrician around Cambridge is going to be able to fix that! I’m 99% confident that the truck is a total write-off. Do you think Bob will make it to the hospital, Tom?

I certainly hope he does. It would be great to see him compete in next year’s race, so let’s hope he doesn’t kick the bucket just yet. 

And what about Billy James? Forfeiting right before the race, due to sickness. Should we suspect any foul play here?

I don’t think so. Seems like regular car sickness from what I can tell. Then again, one of his competitors did hand him a suspicious-looking salad before the race.

Oh, really? What was so suspicious about it? 

It was all green.

Hilarious, Tom. Thanks for that insightful comment. Hopefully, our readers don’t think that was sarcastic, because this was just a bit of friendly banter between two co-hosts. Anyway, what a thrilling race this was. Congratulations to our big winner, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Frank and Tom, signing off for the last time.