Surviving for Laundry

How did I get here, floating in the middle of the ocean, sharks circling around me, with a phone that has only one per cent battery? It’s quite the tale, one which begins in the simple domain of laundry renovations. See, I wanted to get a laundry renovation for the house I had just bought, so I went to this awesome laundry renovation business in the Bayside area. I wanted something luxurious and classy, so I figured a business by the beach would be the way to go. Unfortunately, my timing was most poor, for on that very day Melbourne was struck by a tidal wave. I saw it coming from miles away and figured the best place to position myself was in a bathtub, for some reason. When the tidal wave struck the laundry designer’s building, I was flung from the bathtub but managed to grab onto a piece of buoyant wood. Hours later, as I floated out to sea, I contemplated how my life had gotten here, resulting in this blog post.

All I wanted was to find a business offering laundry renovations near Melbourne, and this was what I got in return. I suppose I can forget all about my dream of fancy tiles and pristine sinks. Now, all I can dream about is getting back to land, or hoping that this blog post gets to the right people so I can be rescued. Honestly, at this point, I would have thrown myself into the shark-infested waters if not for the slim hope that I will one day be able to have a fancy laundry. Some people say that an expensive washing machine and dryer is like burning your money, but I couldn’t disagree more. We do laundry so often that you want the perfect space for it. If I could have had one room in my house (which has probably been destroyed) renovated, it would have been my laundry. No question about it.