My new ute

The other month I bought the most amazing ute. I’m a tradie by day but on my weekends I absolutely love going camping or fishing. The ute I bought has wheels that are huge and perfect for trekking through mud or dirt. The previous utes I’ve owned are spacious enough to allow me to carry all my things in it, including tools so I don’t need to repack after the weekend, while allowing enough room for me to chuck a sleeping bag in the back during summer. I want to buy a half canopy for this new ute so I can have a more secure space to store my possessions. I’ve looked into a few different options and I think I’ve found one that might work. I’m going to shop around a bit more before I make my final decision as I don’t want to get too hasty. 

Once my purchase is made I will need to find someone who knows how to install ute canopies. Melbourne is a big place and while I do trust myself with tools, especially given my line of work, I would rather the installation be done by someone who knows what they’re doing. I’ve spent a lot of money on this ute and I know canopies aren’t always cheap, so I’m all for forking out the extra dollar to have things done properly. Hopefully, I can get this taken care of within the next few weeks as the weather has been absolutely lovely and I’m in the mood for a camping or fishing trip. Melbourne is renowned for having moody weather so I’m quite aware that if I don’t make the most of it now, I may very well miss out on a fishing or camping opportunity for another three months. Speaking of which, does anyone know of any really good camping locations? I’m always up for driving somewhere I’ve never been before.