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Remington Rat’s Bathroom

Given that Remington Rat is a world-famous chef, I am sure that most of our fans expected him to enter That Renovation Rules with every plan to build a kitchen. Turns out, that isn’t the case at all! For some reason, Remington has elected to build a bathroom instead. Let’s hear from Remington himself, about why he has made this interesting choice. Why did you choose to work on a bathroom design? Melbourne residents are dying to know! 

As a rat, everyone assumes that I like things that are dirty. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m sure most people have seen the documentary about my life, Rats, so you should recall quite well that I hated the dirty lifestyle of being a rat. Unfortunately, this is a harmful stereotype that leads rats everywhere to think they have to live in filth when that is far from the truth. I figure that if I design a bathroom that can compete with all the businesses offering bathroom renovations across Melbourne, people might start to realise that rats can value good hygiene as well as humans. 

It’s a bold move! I like it. A bathroom with a message that its designer is passionate about? That will go a long way toward getting Remington Rat the win here. Maybe he will take home the prize and prove that a rat truly can do anything. Let’s hope his bathroom design holds up against the competition!

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