Surviving for Laundry

How did I get here, floating in the middle of the ocean, sharks circling around me, with a phone that has only one per cent battery? It’s quite the tale, one which begins in the simple domain of laundry renovations. See, I wanted to get a laundry renovation for the house I had just bought, […]

Racing Repairs

What a finish to the epic, amazing, incredible Tasmanian Racing Tournament that was! I can’t believe it went down to the wire like that, with an incredible result that people will be talking about for hours. Time to turn on the replay, folks, because we couldn’t have asked for a more complete spectacle. I’m Frank […]

Best Buyer’s Advocate

I can’t believe I spent the first thirty years of my life struggling to fight the string of bad situations that I was thrown into. I’m an unlucky person, as I told you guys in my last blog post (the first draft of which got deleted and I had to rewrite). For my entire life, […]

Lunch With Mechanics

Today, I got in a car fixing competition with a giant monster to stop it from spying on me and my friends all the time. So overall it was a pretty normal day for a janitor at my work. We have crazy stuff happen to us all the time, which means I’m definitely used to […]

Meeting Father Window

  Today was, by far, the strangest day of my life. I was at the coffee shop with my best friend Reggie this morning, when suddenly Reggie revealed that he had bought two tickets to see Undead Supper Party that night. I would have loved to go, but I’d actually bought tickets to some chick […]

Buyer’s Agent Time

I think I just saw Amanda and Jackie, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t notice me. They were having lunch, and I spotted them as I was walking by, on my way to the next buyer’s agent. I haven’t had any luck finding one that will help me yet, given that I don’t have any […]

Impulse Buy

Well, that was an interesting experience. I just came this close to putting down a deposit on a five-bedroom house near Queanbeyan while momentarily charmed by the clean air and roads devoid of traffic jams. In all honesty, I was probably also entertaining romantic notions of working on a cattle ranch (despite not knowing the […]

Office Designing Bandit

I know that I was supposed to give up my life of crime after Frankie and I got married, but I just can’t help it. After years of smashing glass for fun, I have to get my roguish tendencies out somehow. My name is Bandit, after all. Sure, our little trips to the hardware store […]

Advanced Science Books

I’m getting a bit sick of fantasy stories, in all honesty. I’ve been craving something similar to the fantasy genre, but just a little bit different. Something with the sense of wonder and adventure that fantasy offers, but without all the magic. Something that is grounded in real physics and science, but stretches it to […]

First Challenge Results

Well, that’s it, folks! We’ve reached the end of Australia’s Next Top Office’s first official challenge. It’s been an exciting time and I hope you’ve kept up with everyone’s blogs, scattered across the internet. Today we’ll be revealing the winner of GSB’s Nightmare, in which we asked each of the five remaining contestants to build […]