Surviving for Laundry

How did I get here, floating in the middle of the ocean, sharks circling around me, with a phone that has only one per cent battery? It’s quite the tale, one which begins in the simple domain of laundry renovations. See, I wanted to get a laundry renovation for the house I had just bought, […]

Furnishings for the Big Expo

Good grief, sometimes it feels like this golfing expo is never going to arrive. We’ve been planning it for…gosh, it can’t be more than a year, or the expo would’ve been over and done with. Feels like years though. Not that I mind having something to do, mind you. Ever since Harold went off to […]

My Quiet, Stylish Neighbours

It’s true, you don’t see many Buddhist temples that look exactly like a large, classy, eastern-suburbs home. Maybe that’s a good thing. They actually call themselves Zennists, and I can’t really speak out against them because they’re just the quietest of neighbours. I never hear a single thing from them about anything, really. So long […]