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Best Buyer’s Advocate

I can’t believe I spent the first thirty years of my life struggling to fight the string of bad situations that I was thrown into. I’m an unlucky person, as I told you guys in my last blog post (the first draft of which got deleted and I had to rewrite). For my entire life, I’ve felt as if the world was against me, but all I needed to do was put the responsibility into other peoples hands because things don’t go wrong for other people as they do me.

Seriously, I have an incredible buyer’s advocate in Brighton East working for me now. The suburb always seemed unobtainable to me, in the sense that I could never find a place to live there because it’s so competitive. But my buyer’s advocate did! She was able to find me the perfect house in the perfect street in the perfect suburb. Because of her connections, I was able to sit down with the owners personally and work out a deal with them so that the house didn’t need to go to auction. She’s actually changed my life and I’m so grateful for her.

I’m going to recommend her to everyone that I know who wants to buy a house now or in the future. I can’t believe how long I spent fighting it out at auction only to be left disappointed and drained every time. If I had worked with her earlier I would be already living in the perfect house and could have fought back against the years of bad luck that I’ve experienced. Being partnered with her is the first bit of good luck I’ve had for almost ten years.

So if you’re looking for a buyer’s advocate near Elsternwick, send me a message. I know who you should call and I’d be happy to help you. I’m hoping that sharing my newfound wisdom with you all, will send some more good luck my way in the future.