Racing Repairs

What a finish to the epic, amazing, incredible Tasmanian Racing Tournament that was! I can’t believe it went down to the wire like that, with an incredible result that people will be talking about for hours. Time to turn on the replay, folks, because we couldn’t have asked for a more complete spectacle. I’m Frank […]

Lunch With Mechanics

Today, I got in a car fixing competition with a giant monster to stop it from spying on me and my friends all the time. So overall it was a pretty normal day for a janitor at my work. We have crazy stuff happen to us all the time, which means I’m definitely used to […]

Impulse Buy

Well, that was an interesting experience. I just came this close to putting down a deposit on a five-bedroom house near Queanbeyan while momentarily charmed by the clean air and roads devoid of traffic jams. In all honesty, I was probably also entertaining romantic notions of working on a cattle ranch (despite not knowing the […]

Impressing Sergeant

When I signed up for a defensive driving course, I didn’t know I’d have to be using my own car. Kinda thought there would be one waiting for me, a car equipped with adequate defences and protection against impact. That kind of thing, you know. But I guess this is what I get for choosing […]

Cars, the Prime Transport

We had quite the lively discussion at the Futurist Club the other day, and I think we concluded that it’s best for humanity if cars stay the way they are. Well, actually…not *exactly* the way they are. So long as they become 100% environmentally-friendly, running on renewable fuel and maybe intelligent enough to drive by […]

She Won’t Be Right Any More…

“She’ll be right, mate.” I don’t think she will, actually. I want to say the old bomb will keep going, and I shouldn’t have any worries, but that doesn’t look like it’s happening. Too many years, too much stuff carried. It’s time the old Corolla was laid to rest. We had a good run, though. […]