Meeting Father Window


Today was, by far, the strangest day of my life. I was at the coffee shop with my best friend Reggie this morning, when suddenly Reggie revealed that he had bought two tickets to see Undead Supper Party that night. I would have loved to go, but I’d actually bought tickets to some chick flick so that I could ask Matilda out on a date. I tried to explain this to Reggie, but he totally freaked out and threatened to throw a rock through the shop’s window. They had just gotten work done by a business that offers commercial tinting near Melbourne, so that was a bit of a jerk move.

Reggie didn’t break the window, but he did ask Matilda if she wanted to see the movie with him, even though he knew I was about to ask her out on a date. And so she agreed to go on a date with him, even though Reggie doesn’t really like her. He was just doing this to spite me.

When we went home, Reggie and I got into a huge fight. We started throwing stuff at each other until one of us broke a nearby window. That was when Reggie and I suddenly got pulled into a strange dark void, and we appeared in a room filled with windows. We both heard a voice then, telling us that we would be taught a lesson for destroying some perfectly good window tinting.

Reggie and I asked where the voice was coming from, and it told us that it was an entity known as Father Window. He could see all possibilities, and he would show us the different timelines created by our actions today. Basically, if I’d had the courage to ask out Matilda sooner, we would have had a great date but it would have cost me my friendship with Reggie. If I’d just gone to the movie with Reggie, we would stay best friends and I’d get another chance to ask out Matilda.

With my lesson learned, Father Window sent us both back in time to try again. Obviously, I immediately went up to Matilda and asked her to see the movie with me. Who needs Reggie, anyway?