Glass Pain

Sarah had been working with WindoSolutions Labs for more than a month now. The once enchanting charm of teleporting through tinted glass and intricate glass installations was now overshadowed by rising concerns and ethical dilemmas. She started to question the Labs’ disregard for safety protocols, and their incessant push for innovation at any cost. One […]

Shards of Glass

As the morning light streamed through her shattered windows, Riley embarked on a quest for truth. She learned her modern apartment was constructed on land steeped in local legend, a site believed to be cursed by the community. Undeterred by the unsettling revelations, she decided to confront her spectral tormentor. She spent hours poring over […]

Meeting Father Window

  Today was, by far, the strangest day of my life. I was at the coffee shop with my best friend Reggie this morning, when suddenly Reggie revealed that he had bought two tickets to see Undead Supper Party that night. I would have loved to go, but I’d actually bought tickets to some chick […]

First Challenge Results

Well, that’s it, folks! We’ve reached the end of Australia’s Next Top Office’s first official challenge. It’s been an exciting time and I hope you’ve kept up with everyone’s blogs, scattered across the internet. Today we’ll be revealing the winner of GSB’s Nightmare, in which we asked each of the five remaining contestants to build […]