Lunch With Mechanics

Today, I got in a car fixing competition with a giant monster to stop it from spying on me and my friends all the time. So overall it was a pretty normal day for a janitor at my work. We have crazy stuff happen to us all the time, which means I’m definitely used to this kind of thing by now. That said, the first two weeks at this job have been crazy.

Essentially, what happened was that my best friend and I kept slacking off on the job by going to visit our favourite mechanics close to Toowoomba. They are some really cool men and women, and we meet up with them for lunch breaks that tend to go way over our allocated time. Technically, we shouldn’t even be at these lunches as we don’t have a Mechanics of Toowoomba membership, but they like us enough to make an exception.

Anyway, our boss Ben got really mad that we kept getting back to work late, so he upgraded our work’s security system so that he could constantly spy on us. We didn’t like that, obviously, so we kept coming up with ways to stop the security system from working. That just led to Ben getting even better security, upgrading his subscription every time. Eventually, we had this big ugly monster following us everywhere. I couldn’t even get a tyre fitting after work without being followed. We obviously weren’t going to put up with this, so all of the janitors at our work agreed to go on strike.

Ben tried to fire the security monster, but it refused to leave. Apparently, it was contractually obligated to watch us until the end of our miserable lives. Well, I quickly challenged it to a car repair competition. If I won, the monster had to stop following us everywhere. For some reason, the beast agreed. 

Now, since this giant monster didn’t know the first thing about car repair, I was able to win pretty easily. Now he’s gone, and we can go back to our lunches with all the local mechanics. I have no idea why the monster agreed to our competition. Maybe he just wanted to go home.