Buyer’s Agent Time

I think I just saw Amanda and Jackie, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t notice me. They were having lunch, and I spotted them as I was walking by, on my way to the next buyer’s agent. I haven’t had any luck finding one that will help me yet, given that I don’t have any valid ID and look too young to buy a house. There’s that agent that specifically says he will help people who look too young, but I’m still really suspicious of that one.

Anyway, I had to cancel my appointment with the best buyer’s agent based in Sandringham because I was worried that Amanda and Jackie would catch on and start hunting me again. I’ll have to circle back and visit those agents later because they sounded really promising. My number one priority is to get away from the time hunters, though. If they’re in my area, I need to get out of here. Perhaps I’ll book a hotel across town. They’ll never find me there.

Honestly, I’m starting to miss the future. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying looking for buyer’s advocates. Melbourne is a nice place to be, too, whenever the weather is nice. But there is a lot I don’t really like about this time period. For example, you guys don’t have androids yet, so you have to do everything yourself. I really enjoyed waking up and finding that my family’s android has already laid out all my clothes and gotten me a nice, hot breakfast. Now I’ve had to work out how to operate a toaster on my own.

Not to mention, there’s no 4D television yet. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the fourth dimension. I feel so flat without it in my life. 

Also, America is still a thing, so that kind of sucks. Good thing that big disaster is due to happen soon, so I might actually stick around for that before heading back to my own time.

– Benjamin