Welcome to the House of Fun…

business lawyers MelbourneA new week, new challenges, and whaddya know? I’m bein’ let down, again! I thought I could trust Charleine with sorting out the building documents, but Charleine is a lazy bum and she shited the job onto Lorline and Gelatine, two bigger airheads than her. But the worst thing is that Charleine has been here from the beginning, and she should know how to handle the important stuff, and…ugh. People. This is why I don’t have a job, besides this full-time babysitting I have to do for the Golf Expo. People are just the worst.

Well, guess I’d better sort out this new mess. Don’t got many business contacts, certainly not in the area of business law. Need a business lawyer working in Melbourne, though. Seriously, if you seen how Charleine has messed this up, it’s like she was tryin’ to sabotage our event. And after I went to all that trouble of switching venues, after I SAID we needed to stick with what we got. Nope! The grand vizier has made a decision. We all gotta stick with what the big boss says, even if it’s dumb and obliterates months of work.

Whatever. We went with it, we changed our venue last minute to this creepy place on the hill, except now Charleine’s dog has eaten the documents and the backups that SHOULD have been made by her gremlin posse are nowhere to be seen. Gelatine probably used them for kindling or something.

So…now I need some actual help from business lawyers. That’s where we’re at right now, people. My team is so useless that we’re in genuine legal trouble, and are usin’ our budget on finding a commercial law firm based in Melbourne who won’t laugh us out of the office when they hear what we’ve done with the documents.

Oh, but don’t think I’m not going to make Charleine search every single INCH of that car of hers. That place is such a jungle,  I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s lost a kid in there someplace.