Furnishings for the Big Expo

commercial LED lightingGood grief, sometimes it feels like this golfing expo is never going to arrive. We’ve been planning it for…gosh, it can’t be more than a year, or the expo would’ve been over and done with. Feels like years though.

Not that I mind having something to do, mind you. Ever since Harold went off to get that fancy job at Lawrence Corp, I hardly see him. He says he loves the job, and they’re still getting established in the business world so there’s a lot to do, but I don’t see how much there could possibly be. Lawrence Corp have their fingers in ALL the pies. I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow they came out with some scheme to buy out the ice-cream industry.

Doesn’t matter…I have the expo. I’m only in charge of furnishings though, so for the last few meetings I’ve been idly browsing Melbourne’s commercial LED lighting on my phone and trying to decide what would best suit the venue. They already had light bulbs, but Sharlene said they’re not good enough and they need a complete redo. Fine by me, because I was bored. The only action in those meetings is when Jody and Monique start one of their arguments. Those are always pretty heated, and sometimes things get personal. Then it dies down, and everything goes back to the important stuff that has nothing to do with me. I sorted out all the furniture ages ago, in the very first week. The sofas are perfect, the sinks have chrome taps (don’t know why that was so important), and to be honest, I’m glad I’m having to look up new lighting because it gives me something to do.

Chandeliers would be nice, but maybe too glitzy. I actually really like the hanging orb-style lights; so satisfying to look at, and they spread the light evenly. So…so they fall into the category of designer LED lighting? That’s what Sharlene wanted, but Jody change that at any time, so I have to find a happy medium that’ll please them both. This job is actually pretty hard, all things considered.