Walls, Rocks, Normal Things

crushed rock Carrum DownsThere was a very interesting feature in ‘Garden Proud Quarterly’ about building a garden wall. Never built a garden wall before. A few years ago, I almost planted some petunias, but otherwise, it’s been a whole lot of nothing out there.

I think about it every time I go to work in my office job, Monday to Friday, every week for the last ten years. I think ‘I should do something in that garden. Maybe build a wall. Or plant some trees’.

But life is just busy in that way, I suppose. Got to wash the car, listen to the football scores and visit the parents. You know. Busy things. Still, maybe I’ll find time at some point. According to the article, there are good places for crushed rock in Carrum Downs and the surrounding areas. The article had its wall made from pieces of stone stuck together, and I’m not one to deviate from the instructions of anything. Just last week I was making meat and potatoes, and I thought I’d go wild and swap out the broccoli for brussels. That turned out to be a bad idea. I wasn’t quite sure how long to cook the brussels, so they ended up being a bit soggy. They weren’t as good as normal brussels. Not a mistake I’ll make again.

There was also an interesting article about driveway laying, which is a little bit ‘out there’ for Garden Proud Quarterly, but ever since they switched editors these things have been showing up more often. At the very least, I now understand the process for creating aggregate and its role in proper driveway management. Isn’t it true that you learn something new every day?

I do drive past a few places on my way to work, including Berwick. Perhaps if I wanted to buy building products in Berwick, I could make some sort of…detour. I’ve never made a detour before. It seems like a bit of an adventure. Still, I DID go to work the other day having only ironed my work shirt once instead of the customary two times, so maybe I’m becoming a hellion as I skirt the edges of middle age. Aggregate, driveway topping and all.