timber windowsThey say you should never judge a book by its cover but come on, let’s face it, with most people what you see is what you get. Take me for instance, I’m as big as a house and tough as nails. And it doesn’t take much to prove it. Recently me and the missus had to get a window replacement in the front room. I told her that I could do it myself but she wouldn’t let me. So we looked up a timber window repair company around Melbourne. Women!

A couple of days later I was having a cold one when the doorbell rang. My old lady was in the shower so I had to answer it. I get to the door and there’s this dandy looking bloke standing there. I thought he was one of them door-to-door salesmen, all skinny and fair-looking. I go to him, ‘Yeah, what do you want?’ And he tells me he’s there to install the timber window frames! I was like, ‘Get out! You are gonna fix the windows?’ The guy didn’t look very impressed but he didn’t say nothing – I’m like twice his size. So I let him in, having a bit of a laugh to myself. 

I have to admit, I was not expecting what happened next. But where we live in Melbourne, timber window repairs are not the only thing that can surprise you. My old lady comes out of the shower looking h-o-t. I’m thinking, good thing this bloke’s probably not interested. But then she starts chatting with him while he’s putting the sash windows in and I’m like, here we go. He ended up persuading her to get new timber windows in the bedrooms, aluminium frames in the bathroom and sash windows for the nursery. You would not believe it but that little guy actually did an amazing job on the windows and seemed like a top bloke.