window replacement

Bring back that good old fashioned quality

window replacementThey don’t make anything like they used to. You used to be able to walk down to the local milk bar and get the best hard candy – you could break your teeth on those things! That’s what I call quality. These days all the sweets and lollies they make cost twice as much and melt before you’ve got ‘em home! Quality has declined in just about everything these days. At least, that’s what I thought until I got my window replacements in Melbourne. I was surprised to find they have an old-fashioned attention to quality.

And here’s another thing. Young’uns are these days are always rushing around. They go well past the speed limit, zip around at full tilt while reading their phones and stuffing their gobs full of fast food. When the repair guy came around, I was still trying to decide if I wanted awning windows, casement windows or sliding windows. But he was patient with me unlike some of these young people who are always trying to rush you. I eventually decided on getting sash windows installed and then he asks me if I want timber or aluminium. I said, ‘Gee whizz, more options!’ So I sat down and had a good long think about it because I wanted to make the right choice. I ended up opting for timber to fix my broken sash windows. I was quite impressed with the job that they did because the windows are made from top notch materials, none of this made-in-China garbage.

Unfortunately while I was supervising the Melbourne window repair guys, I tore my trousers. Now I’ve had these trousers a good forty-odd years. They’d be about as old as my first born. And now I have to get these replaced too. I doubt I’ll find pants that’ll last me as long, knowing how cheap they make most things these days, but ah well, if the window repairs company surprised me maybe the tailors will too.