All I Ask is for Clean Web Design

websiteSo, while everyone’s obsessed with that show about cakes, I seem to be the only person actually getting things done. It’s all well and good to watch a show about baking and get ideas, but it’s making me seriously regret leaving the TV on in the kitche. All the bakers just stop and watch it, and I understand they’re all being very lovely to each other and that’s pretty rare in television, but…we have cakes to bake! It’s a labour-intensive job, and if you do the piping just a bit wrong, you’re finished. I’m getting someone to do website design, and Melbourne standards notwithstanding, I’m even worried about that. See, i did a bad thing…I went out and found someone who’d be doing web design for free, but also did good work. There are places in Melbourne that give that service, of course, but I was feeling cheap. Plus, cake websites look great on a portfolio! Trust me, I’m not letting this one go lightly. I wanted website design to boost my cake business, so for that to happen I want it to be perfect. Last time, when we didn’t even have a website, I got Shelley’s cousin to design it for us. What he left us with has been the reason why our orders have dropped off, I’m sure of it. It looks like a website from the 90s, all flashing buttons and ugly, pixelated pictures.

And still, I suppose I haven’t learned my lesson, but Emily’s work in the past has been great and she was gushing about how much this helps her. And I’d hate to take away an opportunity to help someone, especially if it means I’d be paying someone to do the work. It’s for her portfolio!

And so, I’m expecting great things. It can’t be worse that the website we already have. And if it all goes wrong…well, I know people involved in Melbourne’s online marketing game. I might just have to bite the bullet and get some professional help.