‘You’re safe now, citizen,’ I crowed, placing the woman on the rooftop and floating backwards, hands on my hips.

‘You couldn’t have put me on the ground?’ she frowned at me.

‘I just— I just saved you from falling out of a burning building!’ I said, slightly taken aback.

‘And then you put me on top of the tallest building in Melbourne!’ she threw her hands up. ‘I expected more from you, honestly, I did.’

An explosion rippled through the air, loud enough that even the woman’s puny human hearing was enough to hear it.

‘Go on,’ she rolled her eyes, walking away from the edge of the rooftop. ‘But there better be an elevator, I swear to—’

I jetted away at the speed of sound, honing in on the epicentre of the explosion.

‘What do we know, chief?’ I asked, landing next to an official looking man, my impact cracking the concrete underneath me.

‘Are you the drain plumber from Melbourne?’ he asked, unimpressed.

‘What? No, I’m the…’ I gestured helplessly at the icon on my chest.

‘Unhelpful, then,’ he rolled his eyes.

Why do people keep doing that to me?

         ‘I’m—but—how can I—the plumber?’

‘Sewer pipe burst,’ he shrugged. ‘Nothing exciting.’

‘Do any civilians need evacuating?’ I planted my hands on my hips, allowing myself to hover a few inches in the air as I put my hands on my—

A bunch of his guys around us started chuckling.

‘What?!’ I growled, slamming back to earth.

‘Citizens evacuating is what got us into this mess,’ one of them giggled.

‘Oh, you—you’re just the—’

‘The best drainage contractors to hire around Melbourne?’ the man next to me offered. ‘Nah, that’s not us. Kind of you to say though.’

‘We are better than a lot of people you could call,’ Giggles piped up from behind me.

I turned around to slowly glare at him.

He winked at me, and kept laughing.

I glared at them and took to the skies.