To The Drainage

‘You’re safe now, citizen,’ I crowed, placing the woman on the rooftop and floating backwards, hands on my hips. ‘You couldn’t have put me on the ground?’ she frowned at me. ‘I just— I just saved you from falling out of a burning building!’ I said, slightly taken aback. ‘And then you put me on […]

My Plumbing Brother

‘How exactly are we supposed to use that now?’ I asked, gesturing emphatically at our utterly destroyed toilet. ‘What’s wrong with it?’ my brother asked, frowning at me. ‘It still works fine.’ ‘Fine?’ I squealed, surprised at the octave I managed to hit. ‘What do you mean fine?!’ ‘It still flushes and all, innit?’ he […]

Learning New Skills

Sometimes for fun my mates and I like to learn a new skill. How wholesome is that? Where most guys our age go out and drink beers from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, my mates like to get together and see what we can do to improve ourselves.  Last weekend the weather was absolutely pristine […]