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The passing of my eldest sister

funeral director PerthIt wasn’t supposed to happen like this. I feel so lost now, like my heart is breaking into a million shards. My dear sister has passed away, the illness finally took her. Her last few days were difficult to watch, I hated seeing my sister suffer. I know she is at peace now, but we had all hoped that she would recover. It was all so sudden, we only found out three months ago that she wasn’t well. My niece is now left without her mother, I’m sure my wife and I will take her in. She’s staying with her grandmother while we arrange the funeral. I am her godparent after all and the father passed away some years ago. It’s sad that my niece will grow up without knowing both her parents. She’s only five years old so it might be easier for her but I hate to think the kind of impact this will have in the future. The most difficult thing to do was talking with the Perth based funeral director.  It was a process that I knew we had to get started but I was dreading. When you start asking the tough questions that’s when it gets real. Do you want to go with a burial or a cremation? What sort of flowers would you like at the funeral? It’s devastating to think of such things, to know that you won’t be to see your sister again. The family has decided to stick with a tradition ceremony and a burial. The funeral service held in Perth will be with all the friends and family. We’ve decided to let it be a public funeral so that everyone who wants to come and say their farewell can. Our mother hasn’t left the house since she found out the news. She’s taking the passing worse than anyone else, my father included. There is nothing I can say or do to make this any easier for my dear mother. She has to grieve in her own way, I think the funeral will help with this. The funeral director has been very supportive and helped my mother with making some tough decisions.