Grand Farewell Funeral Service

My uncle was what a lot of people called a free spirit. He was one of those people that captivated the attention of everyone around her. His aura was so vibrant, it was almost impossible to take your eyes off her. Unfortunately my uncle had been fighting cancer, which he had neglected to tell us for […]

After the cremation

I am heartbroken, I never wanted to hurt him, not like this. Over the years he has become dear to me like a son. I never married, I was too busy with my career, I came close a few times. The love of my life walked away and I did not go after her. I […]

The passing of my eldest sister

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. I feel so lost now, like my heart is breaking into a million shards. My dear sister has passed away, the illness finally took her. Her last few days were difficult to watch, I hated seeing my sister suffer. I know she is at peace now, but we […]