Servicing for the New Pet

old oven needs to be fixedIt’s finally time: I’m thinking of giving home to a new pet. I have the space in my home, everything is prepared and this is something I’ve been wanting to do since I was nine. My parents would never let me have one, because they had phobias and just didn’t want one around the house. But now, I’m in my own place. I’m doing it…I’m getting a fancy oven!

My very own pet oven…we’ll have such fun. Can’t believe that I grew up just using a microwave because the parents hated the thought of an open flame in the house. I’m convinced that I’m adopted, because I love to cook and now I finally have the chance. I’ve been looking up repairs and services, because you have to figure in the costs. I know there are Sydney Blanco oven repair people who can sort me out, but that’s just the downside of having a super fancy oven; the repairs tend to be a bit more expensive than if you got an off-the-shelf model (relatively speaking). I’m sure it won’t be a problem, though. I’m going to look after this oven like it was part of the family, so hopefully I won’t need servicing too often. Just a good clean, a check of all the working parts and regular use to make sure it’s ticking over and not getting rusty. After all, if you really love something you have a drive to take care of it.

I know I’m going to love this new addition. In fact, I’m keen for the delivery people to come and go so I can just spend some time with it all alone. Just me, the oven…some longing stares. Of course, I’d also like to start cooking as soon as possible. What to cook first? Perhaps a soufflé, but…those can be done in the microwave. A cake of some sort, or a casserole. A really elaborate casserole that requires a bit of pre-searing and the boiling of vegetables. It’s going to feel so liberating! And I have my handy Sydney oven service people on hold just in case. It’s my first time using my very own oven, after all. Anything could happen.