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Beauty queen of only 18

diploma in beauty therapyYou know sometimes you are on the train or walking in the city or just watching TV and you catch an ad that keeps you interested beyond 3 seconds? A word or particular phrase just pops out at you and you have to read the whole thing. That happened to me today. I was doing my usual commute to work and happened to glance up from my phone as the train passed a billboard advertising beautician courses in Melbourne. As the humdrum daily routine continued I just couldn’t get it out my head. I’ve always thought about leaving the 9-5 office world and freelancing. If I completed the beauty school course I could work when I want and where I want. I could specialise in stone massage therapy, I know it’s up and coming and there is only a rising demand for it, but I could also offer other services on the side. I saw the same billboard and figured it must be a sign. I mean obviously it’s a sign, that’s what billboards literally are but I mean more of a metaphorical you must do this now sign. I looked into gaining a diploma in beauty therapy and the course I looked at covered so many topics and even trained you on the business side of things. It had to be done. Maybe I was getting ahead of myself but I immediately started drafting my notice and looking into buying some beauty equipment online. So I guess today was pretty revolutionary. Nothing is finalised yet but if I can keep up this inspiration and momentum I should be a fully qualified freelance beautician in no time! The course is extremely thorough and covers all kinds of topics from conducting salon finances to providing body massages. I’m so glad I looked up from my phone at that moment, I never thought an ad could have such an impact.