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Ruined carpet, ruined friendship

Melbourne uphostery cleaningLiving with your best friend is great, most of the time. Lately, things between us have started to seem different. Savannah has recently gotten a new job at a hip new cafe down in the main part of town. She is loving it, and the people she works with all seem pretty great according to her. I couldn’t of been happier for Savannah, she had been having trouble trying to find some decent, stable work. Ever since she’d started to become close friends with the people she worked with, her attitude towards others started to change. She wasn’t herself anymore and it was really starting to bug me. I wasn’t a fan of fake people. I knew had to stop worrying about what Savannah was doing, and focus on tonight. We’d have an argument a week ago that had caused a little bit of tension in the house over upholstery cleaning. Melbourne tenant agreements are pretty strict on these kinds of things,  you can’t just ignore stains. I had just been invited on a date with a very handsome man. He’d invited me to the fanciest restaurant in Melbourne, so I had to look good. My most elegant and powerful dress was what I’d planned to wear to the restaurant, which is why I was so shocked to see it draped over Savannah.

To cut a long story short, the results of our argument was a cancelled date, a torn dress, and a lot of deeply stained carpet. Our argument had escalated quickly, it had gotten a tad pushy, and the bowl of spaghetti that Savannah was holding, had been scattered across the walls, furniture and carpet. There was sauce stains all over the carpet and no amount of scrubbing was going to get them out. We were now in an argument over who should pay for the carpet dry cleaning. Melbourne was balmy that night and it wasn’t helping our tempers.  One of us would have to cave in eventually or living together would no longer be possible. I knew of the best carpet cleaners around, we just couldn’t agree on who would book the appointment and pay. I shuddered to think what was going to happen when the bill arrived. I don’t know how things went so bad so quickly.