Our Firm Will Rise Again! But Different.

business taxHey folks, Crime here! Wow, crazy times. So the internet apocalypse happened, our site went down and we’ve been told that there’s no chance of getting it back. Quite a few blogs and businesses lost their sites, and when we’re being told by Justice (who’s basically one of those magic hackers you see in the movies) that there’s no hope of recovery…well, it has to be true. But did all the office computers have to explode? It’s like there was some kind of reality warping incident. So freaky.

And of course, with this comes the paperwork. All our files are gone, and aaaaaaaargh, my hand hurts from filling out forms. But no, I can’t just google some people who do business tax returns, because Melbourne is apparently going through its own problems with tons of people in the same boat and Politics wants us to do things by ourselves. So now we get to sort through tax returns and file them by hand. At least we had the documents, even though we had to go into this weird subterranean vault to get them. Did everyone but me know that was there? It even had a trap-door and everything. We’re on the second floor, how does that even work?

Everyone is saying that this is a chance to start over, maybe even rename the company and start afresh with a new focus. I’m all for change and shaking things up, but Politics is saying that he wants to drop the names. If I have to sort through any more tax return forms I might just forget everyone’s names, but the thought of dropping everything…well, that’s going to take some getting used to. Is this the end of Crime and Politics, or the start of something much better? We’ll need a website, and probably several board meetings to decide a new name. In the meantime, I’ve asked Charity to sneak out the back door and contact some of Melbourne’s best BAS accounting places wherever that is. My brain is melting. Something must be done.