Happy Birthday! Have a hyperbaric chamber

hyperbaric chambers MelbourneMy husband is not very good at buying gifts. For our daughter’s third birthday he bought her a digital camera. I tried explaining that while it was generous it was not quite suitable. She did enjoy chewing on the lens to be fair. I try to provide guidance and suggest things whenever it comes to buying presents but he likes to go on his own. When it came round to my 50th I was a little scared. For my 40th he bought me a horse! I have never expressed an equine interest and we live in Melbourne, hardly the countryside! I was right to be scared, when the day came around he blindfolded me and lead me downstairs. He revealed a portable hyperbaric chamber. What every fifty year old dreams of! Apparently. Again, I thanked him for his exceeding generosity, hyperbaric chambers aren’t cheap, but I inquired as to his thought process regarding this oxygen themed gift. He told me he had been reading up about them and they can be great for treating fatigue in athletes. I am no athlete but he has heard me wax lyrical about how tired I get from any form of exercise. Instead of a massage, or maybe at a push, a treadmill, he decided I had to have a hyperbaric chamber. I had heard that in Melbourne, hyperbaric oxygen therapies were becoming increasingly popular for a range of conditions. While I was interested to find out more I hadn’t necessarily wanted to have my very own hyperbaric chamber in the middle of our living room. I didn’t want to sink his heart straight away so I went along with it for a while, I said I had been interesting in trying one so it was a great idea but perhaps it was just a bit too much too soon.