stump removal

Escapism through arborists

Melbourne tree fellingDo you ever get so busy at work that your life starts falling apart around you? I have a highly demanding job in the creative department at an ad agency. Tight deadlines, high stakes and demanding clients are bread and butter to us. However, lately it’s all been coming to a head. I can hardly sleep at night and wake up in cold sweats. And it’s making me agitated even when I’m not at work. Like for instances, things that wouldn’t ordinarily annoy me are now  frustrating me to no end. I mean, since when have I given a rat’s butt about the tree stumps in my backyard. It’s annoying me so much that I just have to get stump removal. In Melbourne, there things aren’t cheap. They’re worth the money, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not something I can afford right now what with all my medical expenses piling up: psychotherapy, anti-anxiety medication, natural herbal remedies, relaxation spas.

Perhaps my latest obsession with tree felling in Melbourne is an expression of escapism. My mind no longer wants to stress about advertising campaigns so it’s attaching itself to trivial inane problems like the damn tree stump in my backyard. To be fair though, I have tripped over it a couple to times so perhaps it’s time to go. The thing is though that it’s either that or my counselor appointments. I’m already overdrawn on my bank card and this is the last thing I can buy without the bank coming round to knock on my door. You know, what I really need is to get another job. But there’s nothing else that I’m good at. I reckon by the time I get out of this industry, all I’ve be good for will be finger painting in a nursing home. That’s it, I’ve talked myself into it! I’m getting that stump removed once and for all.