drain unblocking

Learning New Skills

Sometimes for fun my mates and I like to learn a new skill. How wholesome is that? Where most guys our age go out and drink beers from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, my mates like to get together and see what we can do to improve ourselves. 

Last weekend the weather was absolutely pristine and so we learnt how to fish. We all hired these little dinghies and took them out onto Port Phillip Bay. We live in Melbourne, if you’re yet to figure it out.

This weekend we’ve decided to test our hand at our plumbing skills. Now, let me preface this by saying that none of us are professional plumbers. A few of my mates are sparkies and have worked alongside plumbers on a domestic job site. They’ve picked up a couple of tips and tricks from people who deal with blocked sewers in Melbourne and the like, but that’s all. Whilst we’re all pretty talented blokes, we’ve accepted that learning basic plumbing skills will take us more than a weekend. In fact, we’ve actually dedicated the next four weekends to learning these basic skills. We’re hoping that it makes us more appealing to the ladies (and the men, who cares how we define ourselves these days?) and that when we get older and start owning our own houses we’ll be able to do some basic plumbing around the house when needed.

The first thing we are going to try and learn is how to do a sewer replacement. In the Melbourne area, our sewers are pretty old and so we suspect this skill will help us a lot in the future. I know we’re going hard early. You think we’d just try to unclog a sink or a drain first, but we love challenging ourselves. 

I’ll update you all on how it’s going next week after our first session. Catch you later.