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Finding the one to marry

airport transfers MelbourneI’m not ashamed to admit that I have loved Aralia ever since I met her that fateful winter day. She is, by far, the cutest, kindest and most beautiful person that I have ever met. She was a art student when we met all those years ago and now we are about to get married. I was an economics major and a bit of a brat, spending far too much time getting coffee and treating myself to dermal fillers in Melbourne.


We met in one of our mutual classes one day in second year. It was anything but a traditional courtship, she hadn’t come out to her strict catholic parents yet. After dating for a year I eventually asked her to move in with me after we graduated from university. I went on to do a postgrad masters, and soon I’ll be doing my PhD in economics. Aralia has been working in marketing for some big business in Melbourne and I couldn’t be more proud of her. We are happy and stable, I mean we even have a dog. I even convinced her to come with me one time when I got my monthly laser hair removal. Melbourne is one of those cities where getting cosmetic treatments every now and again isn’t frowned on in the slightest. I mean after all it is the fashion capital of Australia.


This is the life that my father wanted for me. This is the life that I dreamed I would always have. I want to have a child with her some day, I know that will have its complications. I’m eager to start a family with the love of my life. The wedding is drawing closer and I’m still coming to terms with all the planning that is involved. I can see the dress in my dreams, I can just imagine what it will look like on her. I try to picture what my wife will be wearing, her hair, the jewellery that she will be wearing. I’m sure that she will look perfect, she’s the most beautiful person to walk this earth.
Telling her parents wasn’t easy, they were hurt that we hadn’t told them for so many years but they also had their suspicions a long time ago. In the end they were supportive and tried their best to be understanding. My father in law to be is even offering to pay for the Melbourne limo hire. Her family have always been very kind and sweet to me. They live out of state so they don’t visit often but I sometimes talk with them on the phone. I can tell they are making a special effort to include me in the family and make me feel welcome. The next time they come to town I’ll be sure to get a nice limousine to take care of the airport transfers, Melbourne has some of the best hire cars around. I just need Aralia to know that I love her more than anything else in this world, and with my grandmother’s engagement ring, we will wed. I will make sure that I show her every day that she is the reason I am still here. I’m pledging myself and my love to this union for the rest of our lives.