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Behold my girlfriend in all her beauty

limo hire MelbourneI realised it’s a big move but I feel like my girlfriend is the one for me and that we’ll be happy together eventually. This week I’m going to take her out to a fancy dinner and subtly put the idea forward of us getting engaged to see how she reacts. If it were up to me I’d ask her to marry me tomorrow, but in the past whenever I’ve brought up the idea she has changed the subject. I feel like it might be a difficult idea for her since her parents are divorced and hate each other. It’s possible that she’ll feel like living together is the best thing for us right now. I want to make sure that tonight at dinner I look beautiful, I want the evening to be perfect. I’ve even gone so far as to look into limo hire in Melbourne. I know hiring a limousine might seem like a bit much but I really am serious about making this night perfect. I know that my girlfriend has never ridden in a limo before and I think it will be a lovely surprise for her if we take one to the restaurant. She was supposed to go in a limo for her school formal but her partner ended up having a bit too much drink and was too sick to be in a limousine. Melbourne school have a pretty strict policy against students drinking before attending the formal.  My girlfriend was nice enough to take care of him even though that meant she missed out on her stretch limo ride. That’s the kind of sweet person she is, always thinking of other and putting their needs first. I know from our first date that I had met someone special.

I’ve planned everything and can’t wait for this evening to happen. I’ve got an appointment after lunch for beauty treatments at my favourite place in Melbourne. I have been getting regular laser hair removal, Melbourne has impressive cosmetic treatment places and I love having silky smooth legs. I don’t feel any pressure from my girlfriend to look a certain way, I’ve always been happy looking good and feeling good. When I get the occasional cosmetic treatments done in Melbourne the main reason is to make me feel more confident and in control of my life. I don’t understand why some people judge others for their decision to try and look younger by getting anti aging treatments. Melbourne is all about beautiful strong woman who can be whoever they want to be. I take care of myself, I exercise regularly and do yoga once a week. The laser hair removal and anti aging injections are just to give me a little boost. I set high expectations on myself, both physically and for my career. I’m happy that my girlfriend loves the way I am no matter how I look. She is always complimenting me and calling me beautiful which never fails to make me smile. I hope that everything goes well and we end up engaged, but I haven’t gone so far as to buy a ring yet, that’s my next task.