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Grand Farewell Funeral Service

funeral service PerthMy uncle was what a lot of people called a free spirit. He was one of those people that captivated the attention of everyone around her. His aura was so vibrant, it was almost impossible to take your eyes off her. Unfortunately my uncle had been fighting cancer, which he had neglected to tell us for the longest time. He didn’t want anyone to worry and I knew he especially didn’t want our pity.

My uncle had taken care of her funeral arrangements before he passed away. When I found that out I thought about how much of a horrible experience that must of been for him. We arrived at the funeral service, which was held in an old classic building on the top of a hill looking out over town. It was a beautiful place and perfect for my uncle. We saw a large car that we knew must have been from the funeral home. Perth was mild and a little chilly, unseasonable for that time of year. After the funeral service, which was absolutely perfect, the funeral director read a speech that uncle’s had written about life, love and hope. It was so uplifting and funny that we couldn’t help but smile.  

One of the requests my Uncle made was that everyone get out on the dance floor at the wake and show how much life they had left in them. The wake was outside by roaring warm fire, fitting for such a lively celebration of life. There was an open bar tab and everyone was enjoying themselves. There was to be no sadness or crying, only laughter and joy as we spoke of the good times and fond memories. My uncle had wisely written down these instructions for the family before he died.

I was astonished at the length the wonderful funeral director went to. They were able to make the funeral exactly how my uncle would have wanted it, which is all we could have wanted. It was devastating to know that a loving member of the family was gone, but comforting to know he had the funeral that he wanted. It was the most wonderful funeral service, Perth family members will always remember the celebration.