Firework…for the Girl Who Isn’t Afraid to be Noticed

Ugh, makeup can REALLY transform lives. And I think it might be up to me to put a stop to it, somehow. The whole reason I did a diploma of specialist makeup services was to help people unleash their inner beauty, so I could work both professionally and in personal circles to enhance people and […]

Back in the Early Beauty Days

Right, well…I’m putting a stop to all of this right now. I might not be in the teaching circuit any more, but I can see a generation growing up with skewed priorities. Back when I did my diploma of makeup and a Melbourne uni, well over fifty years ago when they first started offering them, […]

Beauty queen of only 18

You know sometimes you are on the train or walking in the city or just watching TV and you catch an ad that keeps you interested beyond 3 seconds? A word or particular phrase just pops out at you and you have to read the whole thing. That happened to me today. I was doing […]