Personally, I Blame Television

Modern naming trends give me a headache. Back when I was a girl, there were about ten girl names that people cycled through, and it made things so much more simple. If you forgot someone’s name, you just picked whatever went with your hunch. It was almost always Margaret for a decade or so, or […]

The Next Video Game Sensation

It is I, Marius! Ah, how well we know those iconic words. In fact, my very first video game ever was Ultra Marius Bro and Sis for the original handheld systems, and even though it was all sidescrolling nonsense without all that much of a plot, I really felt like I bonded with the characters. […]

All I Ask is for Clean Web Design

So, while everyone’s obsessed with that show about cakes, I seem to be the only person actually getting things done. It’s all well and good to watch a show about baking and get ideas, but it’s making me seriously regret leaving the TV on in the kitche. All the bakers just stop and watch it, […]

The App with the Most Sass

It’s been said that I’m a sass machine. I’m not gonna debate that point: I’m a machine, and I dispense sass. My sass is legendary throughout the community, and people know they can come to me when they want some no-sugar-coating real talk. In fact, I’m even developing an actual machine version of me, so […]

The First Interactive Gaming Course

Essay question: can digitally created music ever be as fulfilling as music created by humans? Yep, that’s what I have to write 4000 words on. I’m starting off with an analogy on what would happen if an academy award was given to the best score, and it turned out that no one made it. Or […]