The Sultry Sound of Needles

I didn’t exactly choose the easiest career, but I feel like it’s one of the most rewarding in the end. Every single day brings new challenges as a custom scenario music producer, but the reward is in the finished product. It’s why I learned to play 27 instruments in the first place: there is never a single time or place where music does NOT belong.

Yesterday I spent sixteen hours composing a symphony for the arrival of my client’s litter of puppies. I call it…’Furry Pitter Patter’, and I created it primarily using six rainmakers in sync with a set of bongo drums. The client loved it, obviously.

I’ve created music for practically every single scenario but this trend of courses in dry needling based in Sydney was one of my greatest challenges. It was only a matter of time before someone asked me for a custom piece to accompany a dry needling course, which gave me a great pause for thought. How does one do such a thing? How is dry needling represented in dulcet tones?

At first I considered a reverse psychological piece, similar to Beethoven’s 5th. The idea was to represent the internal struggle of needle versus trigger point. I drafted a symphony, but was immediately struck by how incongruous it sounded. Dry needling is not something to be underestimated. To capture its essence, I had to steadily cycle through my instruments until I finally discovered the combination: a soft triangle, mixed with a constant harpsichord and, every few beats…a single, loud blast from a trombone. This represents how a dry needling course here in Sydney can be an experience of sudden knowledge and realisation.

I’m happy with it. It ALMOST beats out the aria I wrote for the commemoration of a supermarket employee with a fifteen year service record. Almost…