Talkin’ Bout Hair

best hair salonIt has been said that I’m not the girliest of girls. Like, I’m not manly either, so I guess that just makes me…a girl. A regular girl. Woman, even. Actually, the release of Wondrous Female has got me thinking a lot about femininity and all the people getting up in arms on one side of the debate. There are people boycotting theatres because Wondrous Female doesn’t wear enough clothes, and then there are the ones praising their feminist stars because finally this famous character is getting her own movie.

Like most of life, I’m on the fence. Like, Wondrous Female is great. Really great, even. I’ll probably go to see it with MY bf, if he doesn’t think it’s too lame. But I’m not going to make some big deal out of it. I got invited to a gigantic girls day out which will end with them going to the midnight showing. Like, they’re doing a crawl of all the award winning hair salons in Melbourne, getting their makeup done, going to a spa and other ‘girl’ stuff.

And I didn’t refuse because it’s too girly. I just don’t see the point of getting all done up, just so you can go and sit in a dark theatre and then go home to wash all of it off and go to bed. Man, what a drag. Also, I’m working on that day, so….yeah. I just don’t see why people have to make such a big deal out of this stuff, especially when it’s just a movie. Going to a hair salon because a movie has a female lead, and they also probably have nice hair? Yeah, um…female leads are pretty common nowadays. Anyone seen Starving Sports? Detergent? Frylight, the epic supernatural tale of a woman who’s kidnapped and forced to cook fried foods for vampires and ends up falling in love with one of them? Okay, she’s a terrible protagonist, but she’s still female.

Eh, maybe I’m letting the sisterhood down. I should get along to that hair salon at St James’ Place everyone seems to like, get dolled up and see Wondrous Female with everyone else. But I won’t. It’s just a movie…