sustainable homes

The beauty of sustainable living

sustainable houses MelbourneWithout doubt heading over to the cosmetic beauty salon is by far my favourite time of the month. I know the names of all the wonderful therapists at the salon by name. I sometimes spend hours there getting pampered, I adore taking care of myself. If you ask me, there isn’t anything I enjoyed more than having dermal fillers and anti wrinkle injections, Melbourne social ladies know how to look their best all year round. The thing I’m most passionate about is the environment and making people aware of what they can do to make the world a better place. It’s not even that difficult, the world would be so much better if people just recycled more and thought about sustainable housing. Melbourne has some of the best eco friendly builders in the country, there is really no excuse for not having a home that is environmentally sound.

This morning I woke up extremely excited and pumped for the day. I had an early appointment for laser hair removal, my first for summer. I’d made myself a healthy breakfast of porridge and fresh fruit and headed off to the appointment early so I could pick up a kale smoothie. I was halfway to my laser hair removal appointment when I realised that I was supposed to be picking my sister’s dog this morning. My sister is very picky when it comes to her dog, she call him the baby. “Make sure you don’t wake the baby” she’ll say. She always wanted to have a children but by the time she was mid thirties I think she gave up. Closing in on 40 and being single had made her depressed, so on her birthday the family got together and bought her a dog. I thought we should spend the money on buying her a few treatment at the salon to make her look younger. You’d be surprised what a confidence builder it is when you have anti aging treatments and lip plumping fillers in Melbourne. Anyway, my sister had gone interstate for a few days and I figured the dog would be fine at her house for a couple of hours without me. I’m still in the process of conveying my dear sister to move to one of Melbourne’s energy efficient homes to save her money and the environment. The place that she’s in now is a an old red brick home with no rainwater tanks and no solar panels, hard to believe really. Her heating and cooling bill alone must have been massive, I kept trying to convince her that there was a better solution. It’s one thing to be eco friendly, it’s quite another to be saving lots of money at the same time.

Later that day after my laser hair removal I walked out of the salon feeling amazing. On my way over to my sister’s house to pick up the dog I had a slight concern that I had made a bad decision by leave the dog alone. As I pulled into the driveway the dog was laying on the front porch with her tail wagging. Somehow the dog had gotten out of the house and was loose in the neighbourhood. I decided it best not to tell my sister about this little incident. I don’t think she would ever let me live it down.