Research all-nighter

Lorne accommodationSleep is for the weak’ has to be my favourite expression at the moment. It pretty much completely encapsulates how I feel about the mandatory six hours of unconsciousness my body demands from me. I’m just too busy for this and I seem to keep reaching a point where it doesn’t matter how much coffee I drink, my body just gives up and go to sleep. So the last couple of nights I’ve actually fallen asleep on my laptop in my study while fully clothed. Needless to say I’ve woken up with an imprint of the keyword plastered across my face and a throbbing headache, but that’s nothing a quick shower and a cup of coffee won’t fix.

I’m just so overwhelmed by work at the moment. Not to say that I’m not constantly overwhelmed by work, but it all seems to have ramped up a level. My boss came to me yesterday with the task of finding somewhere with an available function room for hire next week.  By tomorrow. He wants me to find a venue to hold over three hundred people for next week by tomorrow. The thing is, I have so many other things to get through that if I dropped them all at a drop of a hat like he wanted me to, I’d never catch up. So instead I decided to deal with everything already on my desk while I was at work and try and find some exotic function location available with accommodation once I got home.

After trawling through countless different options, I think I’ve found something really quite amazing in Lorne, Victoria. Accommodation isn’t too hard to find if you go far enough afield, and since next week isn’t peak time or anything like that, there were an almost surprising number of vacancies. But the place I’ve found looks absolutely perfect. I just hope it’s perfect enough for my boss.