tree stump removal

My garden is a graveyard

Oak Tree StumpRecently we had to do a massive clean up of our property in Melbourne. It’s not that we’re hoarders or anything but there was a lot of junk around and the garden hadn’t been tended to in years. I guess you could say that my wife and I are workaholics. We would have loved to have a nice yard but we just never got around to it, like so many things. Cleaning up the garden involved not just filling a tip full of rubbish but ripping out weeds, trimming down hedges and hacking down a couple of unruly trees.

One of the trees was so big that we had to get rid of it altogether. Don’t ask me how but we managed to saw it down by ourselves. Next, we moved onto another tree and tried our hands at DIY tree trimming. This was a little more challenging and we ended up giving up part way through. We sat on the lawn exhausted, looking at the disaster that was now our garden.

The garden looked like a graveyard. There was the horrible tree stump and a lopsided tree that we’d tried to cut ourselves.We’d also over trimmed a lot of the other plants and it was obvious that they weren’t going to grow their vegetation back any time soon. Our fatal mistake? Not calling an arborist. Fortunately, we found out about tree stump removal companies. Melbourne has some talented arborists that can do the same job we tried to do without making any mistakes. They can get rid of the ugly stump that remains after tree lopping and they can trim and prune the garden so that it looks good and grows better.

For our first venture into gardening I supposed we can be forgiven this faux pas, and we’ve certainly learnt our lesson for next time. Of course, next time we’ll be calling the professionals instead!