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Firework…for the Girl Who Isn’t Afraid to be Noticed

Ugh, makeup can REALLY transform lives. And I think it might be up to me to put a stop to it, somehow. The whole reason I did a diploma of specialist makeup services was to help people unleash their inner beauty, so I could work both professionally and in personal circles to enhance people and make people more confident. Personally, I think those are awesome goals, and I managed to get myself a job as a makeup artist, mostly working for wedding brides and school formals…you know, the event side of things.

And now some ex-makeup course woman has trampled over everything we learned by starting a line of makeup products for wallflowers. No, really. It’s called ‘Wallflower’, supposedly for women who don’t want to be noticed in public. Um, sorry, what? I don’t care if it works, I just want to know what the heck she’s thinking, selling this stuff to women and telling them it’s okay to loiter in the corner, invisible. Have we gone back to the fifties or something?

Oh, and don’t think I haven’t tried it. In fact, she just brought out an ‘extra-strong’ edition, ‘Wallflower: Spectral’. Supposedly, wearing it will make you practically invisible, socially, like you’re part of the furniture. I took a gamble and wore it to a friend’s wedding, because I just needed to see it for myself. I just sat there in my seat for an hour, and no one looked at me. I managed to eventually start a conversation with a guy next to me, but even then, whenever his eyes wandered, he’d become all glazed and forget what we were talking about. This is some kind of seedy mind-control!

You might not think it was serious, but in our makeup course, we took an oath: to make all things beautiful (or the opposite, if it was for dramatic purposes). It was something like that, and I don’t like how these teachings are being thrown in the bin so that some girls can avoid attention at parties. I’m gonna start my OWN line, one that does the opposite. ‘Bombastic’, or ‘Firecracker’, or ‘Mega-Radiance’. I’ll work on the name, but it’ll be something you just can’t ignore. I’ll combat this, one way or another.

Firework, maybe? That could work.