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Damsel Never in Distress at Docklands Ice Skating

birthday party venue MelbourneShe scored her first breakneck goal to win the grand final at the luxurious Docklands ice skating venue, and the crowd went wild! It was quite the feat for the only girl in the team to nab the cup for the Happy Feet hockey team, which was made up of super macho men with skates of lightning who had nothing but wonderful things to say about the spritely new female star. The elusive puck had found many ways to avoid her rainbow-draped stick but she was relentless at high speeds, and performed a squat slide to scale between the knees of the opposite team’s seven-foot star and hit the winning goal!

The human giant had stamped down hard on the ice with frustration, almost causing an earthquake by the sheer force of his enormous foot. Luckily, the skate he was wearing slid off-balance, and he fell down hard on the ice, which silenced him from any more complaints about the grand final loss, because he now had a gigantic bruise on his backside to keep him occupied!

The girl hero was hoisted onto the shoulders of her male teammates, who celebrated her in all her hockey skill genius, and she waved to her family and friends rinkside. There were many fans in the audience, donned in scarves and jerseys, and the ones in purple and green clapped, overjoyed. This ice rink held many good memories for her. She had learned how to skate when she was ten, at this very place, which was one of the most popular birthday party venues in Melbourne. She remembered the feel of her very first puck that she received that same day, hot pink and wrapped in silver cellophane. The plastic had been cool and smooth, and she’d greeted it with a huge grin and then, with competitively-infused vigour, socked it as hard as she could with her new stick, across the ice. Standing at one end of the rink, she’d scored an incredible goal, all the way on the other side. That was when she discovered that hockey was her super power.