car wrapping

And that’s a wrap

MCar wrapping Melbourney rev head brother is such a doofus that it literally hurts me, deep down in my soul. I know he’s a good kid (he’s my brother, we share the same DNA, how could he not be?) but damn sometimes I just wonder what’s he’s doing with his life. I mean, I know for a fact that he makes basically nothing, and what he does make he spends on booze anyway, so he actually makes nothing. So when he pulls into the driveway with his second hand car, raving about how great it was to get his car vinyl wrap in Melbourne, my jaw literally hit the ground.

How on earth did he manage that?

I mean, I get that he has major car envy a lot of the time. As much as he loves it, his car is a hunk of junk that is falling apart so much that I’m surprised it’s still considered roadworthy. So yeah, I can understand why he wanted to fix it up a little bit, even if it was just on the outside. What I don’t understand is how in the world he managed to afford it. It’s not like it’s his birthday or anything any time soon, so how did he manage to pull it off? I Googled it (because yeah, I’m a sticky-beak, sue me) and actually, car wrapping in Melbourne is really expensive. Don’t get me wrong, for those who have the money I’m sure it’s worth every penny, and it looks great, but for Si? It just seems like madness. And on top of having such a terrible job, he keeps talking about wanting to move out of home. If he’s serious about that (which I actually thought he was) surely he shouldn’t have been stupid enough to go and blow his money on something that looks fantastic but that he can’t afford. Far out, he’s just such an idiot sometimes.