Cruelty to Kitchens?

What’s that thing where someone tries to get you to doubt your mental capacity?

Is it possible for a TV series to do this to you? I guess it’s more difficult, but at the same time, a lot of people just believe what they see on TV and don’t ever question it so maybe it’s even worse.

I’ve been watching this reboot of ‘Hero Girl’ along with my daughter because I remember the series from when I was young, so I was pretty surprised when the main conflict of this week’s episode turned out to be an exploration of why you need to treat all your kitchen equipment equally.

In this world everything talks and has feelings, and the conflict was started when Mr Commercial Charcoal Grill started to get too big for his boots. Hero Girl hosted a vegan barbecue for all the forest dwellers, obviously the charcoal grill was working overtime, it provided everyone with lovely food, and that caused it to feel like it was more important. In particular, Mr Commercial Pasta Machine had been feeling sad and neglected ever since Hero Girl made everyone in the castle go on a low-carb diet, so an intense montage of fury occurred. Things only became resolved when Hero Girl went down to the kitchen and announced that she was having a pasta and vegetable kebab party, forcing the pasta machine and charcoal grill to work together, after which a roster was established to make sure everything in the kitchen got used.

And then Hero Girl basically turned to the camera and said that the way you treat your kitchen equipment shows how good you are as a person, and you have to be nice to everyone equally.

Like…I’m just not sure that’s true? Not that I have a commercial pasta machine stashed in my cupboard, but I haven’t used my mixer in years, and now I’m wondering if it’s feeling lonely, and whether that means I’m a horrible person who shows favouritism, and..does it mean that?