Come to Jandakot, We Have Play Centres!

birthday party venueBeing appointed head of tourism for a sleepy hamlet. Not really how I thought my evening was going to go, but my motto is always making the best of things. Best get stuck in!

I’ve been going along to Jandakot council meetings for a few months now. It’s so quiet here, there’s not usually much to talk about. I think a lot of people just use this as a sort of…social outing. Come along, talk about how nothing has changed, eat some biscuits and go home. And then we elected an absolute firecracker of a chairperson and suddenly she wants to put the place on the map so that it becomes an international tourist destination. Alright then!

And since I took the position of head of visitor inquiries, that makes me the new head of tourism. Uh, so…where to start? There’s a lovely indoor play centre in Jandakot, but I don’t know if that’s exactly a tourist destination. I suppose people DO come from surrounding towns to have kids birthday parties there, but that’s only because it’s the only play centre for a while and it’s not exactly like they’re going to drive all the way to Canberra. I suppose it can still be part of the whole tourism experience though; and it’s going to have to be, because there’s not much else!

Spend a day out in Jandakot! We have a fountain, a park, and also an indoor play centre for when you get tired of the park and want to have a sit down! But then, there are benches in the park…alright, come and have a coffee, or a tea, or whatever’s your poison! The children dive into the ball pit, you get to experience the vicarious joy of seeing them happy and you can return to your home country with fond memories of Jandakot, birthday party venue central extraordinaire.

Alright, this is a stretch. Maybe we need to erect some kind of interesting statue, or…found a museum. Just to accompany the play centre, mind you.