Advanced Science Books

I’m getting a bit sick of fantasy stories, in all honesty. I’ve been craving something similar to the fantasy genre, but just a little bit different. Something with the sense of wonder and adventure that fantasy offers, but without all the magic. Something that is grounded in real physics and science, but stretches it to the extremes. But there’s no such genre, which is really sad to me.

It’s like, I wouldn’t want to read a book about somebody who is receiving hyperbaric treatment near Melbourne. That would be boring. But if it was a book about somebody who travels through the universe in their almost-magical (but not magical) hyperbaric chamber, I’d totally want to read that. Why aren’t there more stories about extreme science that seems like magic because it is so incredible, but it’s actually based on real possibilities?

I’m telling you, if somebody publishes a book called Travelling Through the Galaxy in My Hyperbaric Chamber That Seems Magical but Is Actually Just a Creation of Advanced Science, I would buy ten copies of that. That would be a guaranteed bestseller. I’d write it myself, but unfortunately, I don’t know anything about science.

If only there was some sort of place you could go to learn about things that you have no knowledge of. Surely as a society, we could have come up with someplace where we can store and share information by now. I know there’s the internet, but I don’t think there will be enough information on there to help me. I need somewhere physical, somewhere real. Someplace where I can just grab an item containing a great deal of information, sit down and begin to consume said information.

In a place like that, I could learn all about hyperbaric chambers and space travel. I’d be able to write the first-ever Advanced Science book, which is what I’m calling this new genre. It’s like fantasy, but with less magic!