washing machine repairs

Washing machines and word of mouth

washing machine repairsWord of mouth is the best advertising. No doubt about it. People can spend all the money they want on advertising campaigns, search engine optimisation, copywriters and PR, but it all boils down to nothing if the product isn’t good. By the same token, you don’t need any of these promotional tools if you’ve got a good product because people will talk about it and you’ll be in business straight away. It’s the same with some pop stars and good bands. Some get famous because they’re promoted well by intelligent producers, but others get to the topic with shear talent that’s impossible to ignore.

I recently experienced this for myself when I had to get a washing machine repair. Sydney services are usually nothing to brag about so I wasn’t expecting much either way. I always used to think success was based on luck but I was wrong. The repairs company came over and did the job to a 110% standard of perfection. Timely, efficient, good price – I’ve never had such easily dealing with a repairman before. I thought to myself, I’m telling everyone about these guys, they deserve more business.

Incidentally, my best friend’s oven and stovetop blew up at about the same time. She told me about the problem and I instantly recommended the same company that did the washing machine repair at my place. She didn’t think the same company would offer the service she was after because she needed Westinghouse oven repairs. Sydney is a big place but turns out that the company did offer all types of home appliance repairs. She called them over and had pretty much the same experience as me and has been gloating about it to all her friends.

I know that the need to get your appliances fixed doesn’t happen very often, nevertheless, I’m sure that the word about a good business will spread like wildfire. That’s the best advertising anybody can hope for.